Nour Story

Nour Waterloo Office, 1978

1978 - Humble Beginnings

Since its beginnings in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Nour Trading House Inc. has been passionate about creating exceptional paint applicators. Mac Fleifel, a 2nd generation paintbrush maker, opened his painting tools manufacturing business in 1978 on Colby Drive in Waterloo where Nour's headquarters remain today.

Map showing Nour expansion

1981 - National Distribution

Nour's reputation as a manufacturer of quality paint applicators grew throughout Canada, which prompted the construction of a distribution facility in Coquitlam, British Columbia. This western expansion in 1981 transformed Nour into a nationwide supplier of paint applicators and greatly improved overall service to our customers in British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon. 

Hand rolling a paint roller.

1983 - Manufacturing Rollers

By 1983, Nour Trading House Inc. began manufacturing paint rollers in Waterloo, Canada. To this day, our paint rollers are wound by hand in order to ensure our commitment to an utmost consistency and quality for our roller covers.

Nour Tradition Line Packaging

1984 - Tradition Line is Born

The iconic Tradition line was introduced in 1984 and quickly became a customer favorite due to its reliability in outperforming other brushes in the marketplace.

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Vietnam Facility

1985 - Vietnam Facility Opened

Providing products with an exacting and consistent quality has always been a primary criterion of Nour's business practice. We thus opened our first manufacturing facility in Hanoi, Vietnam, allowing us to achieve vertical integration, which in effect enabled us to be virtually in control of all aspects of production

Nour Egypt team photo.

2000 - Multinational Operations

Growing international demand has reshaped Nour into a multinational Canadian business. To accommodate a strong growth in international sales, distribution facilities were opened in Lebanon and England in 1989. In 2000, Nour further solidified its multinational operations by inaugurating its first manufacturing facility in Egypt in order to enhance our production and regional presence.

Photo of warehouse

2003 - Multinational Retail and Distribution

By 2003, we had developed strong strategic partnerships in retail and distribution in the Australian, British, American and New Zealand market.