Color Company

Color Company

Shannon, Sales
Selling Nour product for 26 years

I have sold Nour products ever since I started in the business. Nour has a name/reputation that people ask for; it’s common for customers to come in and ask for specific Nour items like Tradition or AquaGlide brushes. Customers ask for Nour items by name. They've taken the time to use Nour products, and hence taken the time to realize the quality as well as taken the time to remember the Nour name AND product name.

The most consistent stream of feedback from customers about Nour tools is simply that they are quality products at affordable prices. It is fact that the price/quality aspects of Nour products are very good.

Mark Johnston + Shannon Springer
Gérant/employée de Color Company

1815 Dundas Street East
London, Ontario N5W 3E6


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