Technology and Craftsmanship

While numerous paintbrush manufacturers put their filaments through 2 stages of processing, we go the extra mile and put many of our paintbrush filaments through up to 10 separate stages of processing thus creating an unmatched filament quality!

In-house processing of filaments include

Decoration Line


Close up of Nour filament demonstrating surface conditioning

The surface of our filaments are conditioned using proprietary techniques in order to achieve:

  • Easier cleanability
  • Increased resistance to curling and flaring
  • Increase paint pickup and release ratio


Close up of Nour filament demonstrating flagging

Tips of filament are cut in order to create split ends. This gives a paintbrush:

  • An increased brush head surface area thus increasing the amount of paint that can be loaded
  • A regulated flow of paint preventing dumping or dripping
  • Finer tips that leave the paint surface smoother


Close up of Nour filament demonstrating tipping

Ends of the filaments are brought to a fine tip using proprietary technology in order to achieve:

  • Increased paint retention 
  • Extremely fine tips ensuring the smoothest finish
DuPont Filaments Orel logo
DuPont Filaments Tynex Logo
DuPont Filaments Chynex logo

DuPont Filaments

Our synthetic brushes use mixes of Tynex, Orel, and Chinex tapered filaments which are
further processed in-house to ensure a spectacular finish.

Pre-processed DuPont filaments

Pre-processed DuPont filaments image example

Post-processed DuPont filaments

Post-processed DuPont filaments image example
Decorative crafting brush image

Why our Brushes are Superior

Our meticulous process allows your brush to get the job done right on the first go.
Nour brushes will provide the following results for your finish:

  • Razor sharp "cutting-in" ability
  • Superior paint pick up and release abilities
  • Stiffer brushes that perform better with a modern day higher viscous low-VOC paint
  • An even no-streak finish guarantee
  • Virtually no imperfections
  •  An easy to clean brush

Handcrafted to Perfection

Painters have come to expect exacting standards when it comes to our painting tools. Our professional brushes are handcrafted; every single brush is given the utmost attention by our brush makers.  Our rollers are also hand wound in order to ensure a craftsman quality.

Market Innovativeness

Nour Trading House Inc. has consistently been leading and adapting to market trends in
order to make a painter's job as easy as possible. 

Nour Tradition Line advertisement

Lint Free Roller Fabric

Lint free roller covers have been available in the Canadian market since the 80's, and were originally considered as a niche fabric due to their high prices. Nour Trading House Inc. changed this by becoming one of the first companies in Canada to sell lint free roller covers at an excellent value thus making them the mass market norm.

Photo of Aqua Glide Plus microfiber

Aqua Glide Plus Lint Free Microfiber Technology 

Our Aqua Glide Plus microfiber fabric roller covers are precisely cut, beveled, and vacuumed in order to provide a microfiber refill cover of uncompromising quality. Microfiber rollers also have superior paint pick up and release thus allowing greater coverage. 

Painting top of a wall with a Nour brush for a brilliant finish.

Brilliant Finish OVAL Brushes

As brushes are increasingly used for cutting in, we responded by creating an oval brush with an innovative design to maximize paint pick-up and release. The unique oval shape of our brush allows for superior trimming and cutting-in, leaving a no-streak "Brilliant Finish". 

Roller lock roller frame.

Roller Lock Technology

We noticed that painters were continuously having problems with rollers slipping off of their frames. We responded with the Roller Lock system which is a patented design engineered to reduce roller refill slippage and improve contact on surfaces due to a level dispersion of pressure to both sides of the cage frame.

Customer Service

Nour provides exceptional customer service in response to any customer inquiries. Be it
ordering, pricing, delivery, or any concern relating our products, the customer service
desk is happy to serve you!