The Nour Egypt Story

The Nour Egypt Story

Ever since its founding in 2000, Nour Egypt has been manufacturing professional painting
tools for the Egyptian, Middle Eastern, European, and North American markets.

Nour Egypt is a subdivision of Canada’s dominant painting tools company, Nour Trading House Inc. It leverages the technologies and processes that its parent company has developed in the Canadian market in order to provide the best professional painting tools to the Middle Eastern and European markets. 

Decorative crafting brush image

Why our Brushes are Superior

Our meticulous process allows your brush to get the job done right on the first go.
Nour brushes will provide the following results for your finish:

  • Razor sharp "cutting-in" ability
  • Superior paint pick up and release abilities
  • No bristle loss during painting
  • An even no-streak finish guarantee
  • Glass like finish with white bristle brushes
  • An easy to clean brush

Handcrafted to Perfection

Painters have come to expect exacting standards when it comes to our painting tools. Our professional brushes are handcrafted; every single brush is given the utmost attention by our brush makers. Our rollers are also hand wound in order to ensure a craftsman quality.

A Superior Tool for Every Price Point

In order to achieve an exacting manufacturing standard, Nour Egypt is vertically integrated and thus provides
a quality guarantee for every manufactured product.

Nour Egypt is also known for its ability to provide a superior tool at every price point. Professional painters
get the most out of their paint using our vast array of painting tools.


Located in Nasr City free zone, Nour Egypt has achieved full national distribution throughout
the Egyptian market; it also maintains distribution in many other Middle Eastern countries
such as Algeria, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia.