Spry Brushes

Spry Brushes are an ideal choice for consumers seeking quality brushes at a great price. Offering white blended bristle and solid round tapered filament lines. These brushes provide a smooth, even finish with good control and coverage. The stainless steel ferrule and ergonomic wood handle ensure lasting quality and comfort, while the soft flex reduces painting fatigue.

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Perfect Finish Brushes

After years of development, we are proud to announce the release of our new brush line: Perfect Finish. Perfect Finish is handcrafted using a proprietary filament blend and painstaking brush building techniques to provide painters the fastest and most accurate brush cutting experience. Featuring super sharp tips and silky-smooth filaments, the Perfect Finish line is built for exceptional performance.

Perfect FinishPerfect Finish

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Smooth Finish Brushes

The Smooth Finish brush line is handcrafted using a proprietary filament blend and painstaking brush building techniques to provide painters a fast and accurate brush cutting experience. Featuring super sharp tips and silky-smooth filaments, the Smooth Finish line is an entry level professional brush built for great performance. 

Smooth FinishSmooth Finish

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WoodCare Premium Stain Brushes

Our new WoodCare premium stain brushes are designed to significantly speed up staining projects. These brushes are formulated to achieve maximal coating distribution with all stains, sealers, and paints. WoodCare stain brushes have a 45-degree threaded handle for extension pole use that allows the user to utilize push-pull movements thus saving time and preventing strain on back and knees.

https://www.nour.com/stain-brushes/woodcare-premium-stain-brushPremium WoodCare Stain BrushesPremium WoodCare Stain Brushes

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EZLock™ Roller Frame

EZLock™ is a highly durable roller frame designed for the professional painter. The roller frame prevents roller slippage with its metal retaining spring. Nylon bearings allow for a smooth, squeak-free rolling experience and the metal spring makes it easy to attach and remove the roller cover. The EZLock™ features a 5/16” thick metal shank, a comfortable ergonomic grip and an overall construction that is built to last!


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Drop Cloths

Nour multi-purpose drop cloths can be used for painting indoors and outdoors, spray applications, installing wallpaper, and general use. Nour drop cloths also provide a high level of protection, are folded and stitched on all sides, and are cost competitive. Nour laminate drop cloths are also leak proof, folded and stitched on all sides, and are cost competitive.

Drop Cloth

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Synthetic Stain Brushes

A price-competitive stain brush with a threaded handle that allows for the use of an extension pole to dramatically speed up application. It is made from a synthetic blend of filaments to be used for all stains and paints. 

Stain Brushes

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Thin Throwaway Brush

This throwaway brush is a thinner variation of our existing throwaway brush line. This is a more price competitive option for applying chemical substances, abrasives and glues.  

Thin Throwaway Brush

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EpoxyRoll Pro rollers are designed specifically for the application of epoxy coatings, urethanes, polyaspartics and adhesives. This roller is extremely durable and resists shedding and matting. This roller is 100% lint free. 

EpoxyRoll Pro

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AccuBlade Squeegee

Squeegee designed to apply the following WFT (Wet Film Thickness) at the following rate of coverage (square feet per gallon):    

  • Z SQ18BLU05 - +/- 5 Mil WFT (320 sf/gal)
  • Z SQ18BLU10 - +/- 10 Mil WFT (160 sf/gal)
  • Z SQ18BLU20 - +/- 20 Mil WFT (80 sf/gal) 
  • Straight Blade Option

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Squeegee Trowel / Coating Squeegee / XL Spiked Roller

Squeegee Trowel - The squeegee trowel is an extremely versatile tool that can be used for various projects in decorative concrete such as applying metallic epoxy coatings or in general construction to spread/smooth drywall. 

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Coating SqueegeeThis coating squeegee is a more cost-effective squeegee compared to the standard aluminum clamp squeegee. It is offered in the following notch sizes: straight blade, 1/8”, 3/16”, ¼”.

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XL Spiked RollerThe XL spiked roller features longer spikes (1-¼ inch spikes from the core) than traditional spiked rollers which tend to be half an inch length-out. 

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